“I couldn't live a week without a private library
- indeed, I'd part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor
before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Whistling In The Graveyard: September 21, 2003

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

So yeaterday I, and some friends I duped into helping, performed the final bug-bombing run on my "Little House in the Ghetto". As we're litterally leaping out the front door just ahead of the billowing cloud of toxic gas, the neighbor gets my attention. It seems the night before she actually had to chase someone out of my new backyard. The reason? Well, since EVERYONE in the neighborhood knows that the house is now empty, and EVERYONE in the neighborhood knows that nobody has been there for a couple of days, This guy decided to come by, after dark, to dig up my Grandmother's flowers which are still growing there.

Allow me to ask: WHAT THE FUCK?

To make matters worse, I mention it to my Mother who insists that I immediately go 'rescue' said plants.

So that's what I did today.

As a side note, as I was weeding around my grapevine in the new yard I discovered a copious ammount of a plant that I later identified online as Beladonna Aconite also known as Deadly Nightshade.

Oh, I also learned what poison Sumac looks like. The hard way. Being a homeowner rocks, lemmietellya.

Monday, September 22, 2003

So the big-shit emmys happened. No, I don't know who won ANYTHING, and I don't fucking care. The only reason I know they happened at all is the fact that my little sister insisted on watching the red carpet show hosted, as ever, by Joan Rivers.

Who decided that Joan Rivers was funny and how much would it cost to have them dug up and violated? Joan is best known for her annoying daughter and for the jokes she used to do about how much plastic sugery people have had. She seems to have loosened up on that now that Cher is the only human being alive that's had more than she has.

Someone bring me the head of Joan Rivers! Just remember, you have to polish your shield to a mirror finish and stun her with her own reflection before you can hack it off.

Oh, and before I forget, I'd like to wish a happy birthday to my little brother (who incidentally is taller and more brutish than I am) and My friend Mike D (who incidentally is taller than both of us and much harrier). They both have the same birthday exactly. Year, month and day, 09/21/76. The resemblences end there.

And I'd like to apologize to Rich, for being too wrapped up in my own rapid aging to wish him a happy birthday in my little forum here. His Birthday is the same month and day as mine, but different year.

I think that's everything. Sniff you jerks later.

OK, I did the Spanish thing because I thought it would be nice for the 2 or 3 Spanish speaking people who read this, so I translated that last post.

So today I got currious and I ran it BACK through the translator into English again. The result being that it makes absolutely NO fucking sense. So for those of you keeping score, that's less sense than usual (but just barely).

The sad thing is that anyone that translated it on thier own thinks it's funnier after translation/re-translation. I encourage you to decide for yourselves.

THIS, is how I now look to the Spanish:

Those of you who le?do this blog with any regularity knows that nonlong it does, due to a medical misfortune, mor. You know this because I am apparently incapable to close above on of him.

In any case, he is a little raised discusi?n between the people who hang towards outside in my place and is ace: I say, you with himself a life, you with himself a death. Mor? once, ace? that I do not preput myself to do it again. They say "s, but you volvi, ace? that you todav?a est? alive." But the way I see it, surely me volv, but consegu? the same life before which ten?a, I finish with the same body. YAY Vete to the excrement. the same body is not really uniform really, because I am lacking several pieces and I forget to me any value of reventa. Not sab?a until a?o complete after the incident that cleared my appendix whereas they were inside all. It is not as it used it for any thing; but a?n, I have knowledge taste where est?n all my pieces.

But this requests an interesting question. really I must die again, and as I indicated myself I do not think to, cu?l ser?a a good way to go? I can cross ' sangr?a to the death in own blood ' of the list whereas to aspir? something the time?ltima. Then again, not me sent?a that the well in that then and I could have obtained bad opini?n of her...

It thought that estar?a fresh to explode. like walking in landmine or something, as soon as walking under the street and of the HEIGHT! No warning, immolation total just in opini?n completes so many present people as it is possible. Quiz? walking m?s all? of schoolyard in the crack. that is great to take! Or quiz? in somebody site that lives. Preferably somebody that I did not have pleasure.

Viva international relations!