“I couldn't live a week without a private library
- indeed, I'd part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor
before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Whistling In The Graveyard: September 21, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

So it's been an interesting week.

On Sunday I went to Mike's place to see Motörhead and ended up driving into the worst wind storm Columbus Ohio has ever seen.

Mike, his attractive next door neighbor and myself sat on the fire escape and watched the trees bending alarmingly in the balmy 75 mile an hour breeze.

It seemed like a good idea at the time as the power was out and there was therefore nothing to do inside.

While on the fire escape we watched one of Mike's fellow tenants moving his stuff out. Given that I'd planned on staying a few days after the show to look for apartments this seemed fortuitous. I then found out that the attractive neighbor was moving as well. That was good in that it increased my chances of getting an apartment there, but it sucked in that she was attractive and single (and we were kinda hitting it off) and she was leaving.

At this point I'd like to mention, because people keep asking, that yes, I am dating someone, but she and I are not dating exclusively. I say this only because people keep asking and if I don't say anything it makes statements like those last few seem rather disrespectful and that's the last thing I want.

Especially since she reads this.

Hi, Honey.

Anyways, two empty apartments is good. They're nice and they fall within my budget.

Well, kinda.

It fits within what my budget should be once I get up there. I've been worried about the money involved in moving, but I have to do this. Besides, a lawyer friend of mine (yes, apparently you CAN use the words 'lawyer' and 'friend' together) informs me that the disability people down here are shortchanging me, so not only will I get more month-to-month up there, but I may be owed back money down here.

Thanks suckers!

I mean, taxpayers...

Just remember, I'm making this move in an effort to get patched up and begin paying taxes again myself. Granted, the way the economy is going I'll be paying them in Mexico where I intend to flee when the revolution begins, but I'll still be paying them somewhere and that's the important thing.

And I know what you're all saying; “Mexico? Why Mexico? Why not Canada?” Why not? Because EVERYONE is going to go to Canada. All the Americans that haven't been sent to Iraq and stranded there when we run out of money to bring them home AND all of the Mexicans that have come to America, lured here by jobs illegally offered by Republicans who then campaign against illegal immigrants taking all our jobs. In fact, I hope you people don't feel too high and mighty because we're on the verge of becoming to Canada what Mexico is to us: a cheap source of untrained labor for the rich to exploit without the basic human rights of US citizenship getting in the way.

Sorry, got off on a bit of a tangent there.

Where was I?

So yeah, cross your fingers for the apartment people.

Anyway, due to the power being out over like 90% of Columbus the Motörhead show was canceled for Sunday night. Motörhead is bad-ass under any circumstances, but with no electricity, yeah, it'd rock and all, but not to it's fullest Motörhead potential.

You compare:



They both rock, obviously, but the electric one is far more metal and metal = GOOD.

So Lemmy, in his infinite drunken benevolence, saw fit to reschedule for Monday night at which time they kicked major fucking ass. Anyone who doubted them can just go to hell and burn in the pit of the unbelievers.

A side-effect to having no power though was that I was unable to use my sleep machine Sunday night, which meant no REM sleep. This didn't take away from my enjoyment of the show at all, but it meant, in essence, that I didn't sleep at all. It also means I didn't sleep Monday night either, so my original plan of sticking around for a few days to look for apartments was looking like less and less of a good idea, but fortunately Mike got his power pack and I was able to catch a few hours sleep that afternoon before heading over to K's place. I'd only planned to stay till Wednesday or so, but Mike was celebrating his birthday on Friday as it turned out so I decided to stay the whole week and go celebrate.

Then I got the call about the window.

Seems sometime Tuesday or so one of my windows got broken and my brother's cat escaped.

I know what you're thinking, but I assure you, I had my sister checking in on the cat. It did not break the window in an effort to get out and forage for food. The window was broken from the outside apparently. So I had to chose between coming home to sit around and wait for the cat to come back and let it in, then drive all the way back for the party on Friday, or just stay in Columbus. I decided to stay, even though I couldn't get my Mom or sister to tell me over the phone whether or not they'd bothered to get someone to nail a piece of plywood over the hole in the side of my house or not. Mom just said she was going to get Chuck to put in a new window, but shit, I could go back home and still wait a month before that happened. I just trusted that they couldn't possibly be so irresponsible as to leave the house completely open for days at a time (my brother would though) and stayed in Columbus where I continued to have a great time.

I remember spending an afternoon with Mistress Victoria, though due to the sleep deprivation I don't remember exactly which afternoon. At the time I'm typing this I don't know if she's got her power back yet. Despite the lack of electricity though we got out and she showed me around town and we discussed plans for the Gothcoming event (October 3rd), which I think is going to be really wicked and I hope to see some of you there. I got to check out the Bar of Modern Art (BoMA) where it's being held on Friday night and it was pretty sweet. Remember, it's a steampunk event, so come prepared to party like it's 1899.

Yeah, they made me say that. It's the tagline.

So I'm gonna wrap it up now since my focus groups tell me you fuckers don't have the attention span for much over two pages.

Have fun ruining Canada, gringos.

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