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before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Whistling In The Graveyard: May 26, 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

Mad Science Corner photo MadScienceCornercopy.jpg

So a guy was fixing the light in my kitchen a couple weeks ago and I noticed, while he was working in the dark, that his cordless power drill had a built-in LED flashlight.

I have a pretty nice cordless drill, but it doesn't have a flashlight on it. I'm not even sure how often I would NEED a flashlight on my drill, but goddammit I wanted one. TO EBAY!

So here is the drill before the madness began:

Drill Mod 001 photo DrillMod001_zps35f17def.jpg

Isn't it nice? Now let's drop some science on it!

First thing, we crack it open:

Drill Mod 002 photo DrillMod002_zps086d0744.jpg

We see here that there's a bit of the inner casing that's in the way of where I need to put a piece of hardware, so out it goes!

Drill Mod 004 photo DrillMod004_zps968f9b76.jpg

And another one in the front:

Drill Mod 005 photo DrillMod005_zps8cdf728a.jpg

And the hole I drilled in my finger:

 photo DrillMod010_zps4cfd89af.jpg

And here's what they look like from the outside:

Drill Mod 006 photo DrillMod006_zps2cb1a3da.jpg

Now this all looks pretty simple, and it is, but it was tricky finding space inside the body of the drill to set the threaded metal pieces into. They had to be in a straight line and there were only a few places they could go and have this work. Also, I hear you asking, how did you manage to drill a hole in your finger if your drill is the thing you were drilling through? Simple! Two drills! I was using one drill to drill holes into another drill and you don't have to watch Doctor Who to know that kind of shit can break the universe if you fuck it up.

But finally, why the hell did I do this? It was so that I could add this:

Drill Mod 007 photo DrillMod007_zps325bd901.jpg

This is a piece of Picatinny RIS 20mm Standard Weaver Rail Mount Base. It's a piece of gun hardware that allows one to add things to tactical firearms.

Drill Mod 008 photo DrillMod008_zps0db7360c.jpg

Drill Mod 009 photo DrillMod009_zps09b4d4ab.jpg

Things like scopes, laser sights and...

Drill Mod 011 photo DrillMod011_zps04c0f605.jpg


Drill Mod 012 photo DrillMod012_zps82cc9364.jpg

Drill Mod 013 photo DrillMod013_zpsec05b1fd.jpg

Drill Mod 014 photo DrillMod014_zpsb574d333.jpg

Drill Mod 015 photo DrillMod015_zps6236f2d1.jpg

I now own a tactical power drill!

Some of you will inevitably ask why anyone would do this.

Those people have no joy in their souls.