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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ok, so I went to the surgeon yesterday. Not a new surgeon, but one I've seen at least once before. See, he's the guy that referred me to the guy that referred me to a woman who referred me back to him again.

So I explain to him the reason for me being in his office yet again, that being the circle of referrals due, pretty much entirely, on the fact that everyone agrees that I need weight loss surgery but Medicaid won't pay for it.

Bear in mind that this very surgeon was one of the people that told me this when I last saw him. Not just that, but he recognized me (most people do, given my incredible studliness and all) so it was to my surprise that HE was surprised that this had been a problem. It seems that he's had several patients get weight loss surgery over the last year and Medicaid paid for all of them.

So I have good news, he's going to get Medicaid to do the weight loss surgery, but this is balanced by my wondering why the fuck he couldn't have told me this eleven fucking months ago.

Anyhow, upside is I should be well on my way to being well very soon. I'll post more details as they come up. I'm actually planning a lengthier post, but I wanted to break this to everyone right away.

Hey, it's within 24 hours of my finding out. To me, that's right away.

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