“I couldn't live a week without a private library
- indeed, I'd part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor
before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Whistling In The Graveyard: September 14, 2003

Saturday, September 20, 2003

For our friends in the south...

Los de usted que le?do este blog con cualquier regularidad sepa que no largo hace, debido a una desgracia médica, mor?. Usted sabe esto porque soy aparentemente incapaz de cerrar encima sobre de él.

De todas formas, es un poco levantado un discusi?n entre la gente que cuelga hacia fuera en mi lugar y es as?: Digo, usted consigo una vida, usted consigo una muerte. Mor? una vez, as? que no me prepongo hacerla otra vez. Dicen "s?, pero usted se volvi?, as? que usted todav?a est? vivo." Pero la manera la veo, seguro me volv?, pero consegu? la misma vida antes de la cual ten?a, termino con el mismo cuerpo. YAY Vete a la mierda. Realmente, no es uniforme realmente el mismo cuerpo, pues estoy faltando varias piezas y me olvido de cualquier valor de la reventa. No sab?a hasta un a?o completo después de que el incidente que quitaron mi apéndice mientras que estaban adentro all?. No es como lo utilizaba para cualquier cosa; pero a?n, tengo gusto de saber donde est?n todas mis piezas.

Pero esto pide una pregunta interesante. ?Si realmente debo morir otra vez, y como me indiqué no pienso a, cu?l ser?a una buena manera de ir? Puedo cruzar la ' sangr?a a la muerte en propia sangre ' de la lista mientras que aspir? algo la vez ?ltima. Entonces otra vez, no me sent?a que el pozo en ese entonces y yo pudimos haber conseguido una mala opini?n de ella...

Pensaba que estar?a fresca estallar. ?No como caminar en un landmine o algo, apenas caminando abajo de la calle y del AUGE! Ninguna advertencia, immolation total justo en la opini?n completa tantas personas presentes como sea posible. Quiz? caminando m?s all? de un schoolyard en la hendidura. ?No que sea el coger grande! O quiz? en alguien sitio que vive. Preferiblemente alguien que no tuve gusto.

Those of you that read this blog with any regularity know that not long ago, due to a medical mishap, I died. You know this because I'm seemingly incapable of shutting up about it.

Anyways, it's raised a bit of a debate amongst the people that hang out at my place and it is thus: I say, you get one life, you get one death. I died once, so I don't intend to do it again. They say "Yeah, but you came back, so you're still alive." But the way I see it, sure I came back, but I got the same life that I had before, complete with the same body. Fucking YAY. Actually, it's not even really the same body, as I'm missing several parts and forget any resale value. I didn't know until a full year after the incident that they removed my appendix while they were in there. It's not like I was using it for anything; but still, I like to know where all my parts are.

But this does beg an interesting question. If I really must die again, and as I stated I don't intend to, what would be a good way to go? I can cross 'Bleeding to death on own blood' off the list as it rather sucked last time. Then again, I wasn't feeling well at the time and I might have gotten a bad opinion of it...

I was thinking it would be cool to explode. Not like stepping on a landmine or something, just walking down the street and BOOM! No warning, just total immolation in full view of as many bystanders as possible. Maybe walking past a schoolyard at recess. Wouldn't that be fucking great! Or maybe in someone's living room. Preferably someone I didn't like.

Friday, September 19, 2003

For those of you that don't read the comments, and you should because most of them are rather intelligent or failing that funny, Mistress Victoria sent me this link to the Pianoman. And it ain’t Billy Joel.

Also, I recommend you check out her site, link at the left, if you're in the Columbus area and you're into that sort of thing. Well hell, even if you're not into the scene it's an interesting site.

Anyway that's enough of that. I don't want her to come and kick my ass. Or STOP kicking it, I'm not sure which would be worse. All I can say is you haven't lived till you've had a six-foot amazon walk up and down your back in stiletto heels.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

So I'm watching TV and I see a comercial that says that God kills a kitten every time a person masturbates.

Then it occurs to me that there is still a major problem in this country with animal overpopulation and I did what any good, civic minded person would do. I masturbated for the fourth time today.

I'm pulling my weight (and that's not all) are you America?

Prevent animal overpopulation, masturbate!!!

Tomorrow I'll help the effort even more. I'll order Chinese takeout after I masturbate...

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a few days. This is partially because I’ve been busy and partially because I’ve been trying to decide just how, in this little forum of mine, to best brooch the news of the demise of Johnny Cash. And you know what? I just can’t do it. I can’t properly pay homage to the Man in Black here on this little page. So knowing that I can’t say it all, I’ll say what I can.

Cash was one of the few country artists I ever really embraced. I am NOT a country fan. My father was. In fact, it’s hard to think of Dad without hearing some Johnny Cash or George Jones Sr. somewhere in the back of my head (Jones being one of the few other artists to get on my good side, but I’ve got to be in the proper mood.).

It’s no secret that I think industry awards are full of shit. They’re petty symbols of the industry slapping it’s own back. That aside, Cash was so universally respected that he was inducted into both the country and rock and roll falls of fame. In fact, he was the only one to ever do so until 1998 when Elvis Presley was posthumously inducted into the country hall of fame. Given the nature of the industries, this is something of an achievement

But I could talk trivia for pages. That’s how much there is to say. If you want to read more click here.

So yes Mike, (see last post’s comments) I didn’t intend to let this pass. I just wanted to do the man justice.

Johnny Cash, 1932-2003