“I couldn't live a week without a private library
- indeed, I'd part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor
before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Whistling In The Graveyard

Friday, December 31, 2004


So I’m cleaning the computer desk and I find the water bill that I had been waiting for in the mail.

Have I mentioned how much I hate finding unopened bills?

Yeah, so I open it and it says our water was scheduled to be shut off two days ago.

Here’s to government efficiency folks.

So I panic a bit, till I realize I can drop a check in the night deposit box and they’ll get it in the morning and hopefully they won’t shut it off.

I just called my former employer again and was told that they’re not hiring. Now they keep telling me I’m still an employee, but they won’t let me come back. I’ve basically been laid-off for getting sick and I can’t come back till I’m 100% better.

So I’m calling a labor lawyer tomorrow. I figure it couldn’t hurt. I mean, it seems like I’m being discriminated against for my perceived handicap.

I think I’m going to reapply to my old day job there too. I’m not in the shape to do it, but I’m going to try anyway. Make the bastards fire me, then I can surely sue them.

Anyways, now I just need to take care of the electric bill, gas bill and cable bill.

Electric and gas will be taken care of next week.

The cable may be something of a problem. I’ve already made arrangements for a free dial-up connection, so I won’t be totally isolated if I have to ditch the cable modem, but the net is helping me stay connected to everyone. It would suck to have to isolate myself that much more.

So I’m justifying it by trying to make some money with the web.

I already have a bit, but I’m going to branch out.

So keep your eyes on my Café Press store in the upcoming weeks. I plan on finally putting some shirts up there worth having. I’m working on one with the Bunny, and I’m seriously considering finally putting up some Lil’ Zombie shirts. I’d hoped to work out some deal where Zombie herself could put them up on Chaos In Motion, but Zombs has gone AWOL and CIM is down.

Will it return? I don’t know, but if not I’ll keep Lil’ Zombie alive somewhere online.

Zombie, if you read this, I’d rather not go on without you, but I do want to keep going.

Also, I may sell some stuff on E-bay, but before I sell it I’m going to offer it right here to you guys first.

First item is an autographed CD from the artist Sass Jordan. Most of you probably don’t know who she is. I only really picked it up because I found it in a pawn shop bin and saw the autographs.

It’s in like new condition, signed by her and the band she was touring with (Not all the signatures match the band members listed inside the album.) and it’s personalized "To Ron".

I figure someone out there wants it. So if you’re that person shoot me a message before I E-bay it. You can E-mail me or you can ‘bid’ in my comments section.

I’m also gonna call the plasma center tomorrow. It’s a longshot, but it’s $50 a week.

Now I’m gonna go spank it.


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