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Whistling In The Graveyard

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok, so in my personal life I've been taking fire rather frequently of late over my political and religious views and give that Pat Robertson has once again declared his candidacy for the biggest puss-spewing, sewage-sucking, worthless piece of sub-human fucking FILTH on the face of the goddamn PLANET, I grudgingly have to thank him for proving my point on organized religion.

Some of you no doubt heard Robertson recently blame the earthquake in Haiti and it's surrounding areas on the Haitians themselves because they swore a pact with Satan. I'm not making that up. Here's the clip to prove it:

Now it's certainly no secret that I feel that organized religion is the worst evil that mankind has ever suffered and I frequently use shit like this to back up my point. Every time I do, I get people telling me “You can't be down on all Christians for the actions of __________!” Well yes I can and here's why. See, either Pat Robertson truly believes what he's saying, in which case he's a dangerous fucking lunatic with a heart as cold and black as anything could possibly be, or he's a two-bit huckster who says outlandish things because he's getting paid to get people's attention on television and he's got a heart as cold and black as anything could possibly be.

He doesn't represent ALL Christians I hear you say? How does this illustrate my point you ask? It illustrates my point because Robertson, this fucking pile of evil in human fucking form, makes a damn good living from pandering to Christians, whether he believes them or not, and even though he said these horrible things about an enormous tragedy HE'LL STILL BE ON TELEVISION TOMORROW SAYING MORE STUPID SHIT!

THAT is my point. He might not represent all Christians, but they allow him to continue publicly speaking for them. If you're a Christian and you're outraged by what Robertson said then speak up and get his ass off the fucking air! And conversely, if you're a Christian and you actually believe what Robertson says then I encourage you to step in front of a fucking bus. Seriously, you'll be making us both happy. You'll be in Heaven getting your just rewards and I'll be down here enjoying a world without you fucking in it. Seriously, go die, leave the world to us sinners, it's a win-win.

Of course, I know there will be no Christian outrage and Robertson will just continue to spread this hate because he did the same thing after the tsunami and after 9-11 and he'll keep on doing it because Christians are sending him money. Again, if you're a Christian and you don't agree with Robertson then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! As long as he and those like him are using religion to hide behind and profit from then we'll never advance as a species.

By the way, here's more of my point being proved:

On 9-11

On Katrina

So until Pat Robertson is stripped of his television show and chased through the streets with torches I'm right. You Christians want me to be wrong? Then stand up and take your religion back from these people. It's really easy for you to say “Well they don't speak for ME.” but the simple fact is that when they stand up on TV with a big 'ol cross behind them and continue to say this shit they DO speak for you. You've joined a group that permits, nay ENCOURAGES ignorance like this.

Am I saying ALL Christians (and by extension all members of organized religions) are bad people? No. Just the ones that let people like Robertson speak for them.

On a final note, I swear by the internet herself that I will renounce everything I've said here and become a born again Christian if someone brings me Pat Robertson's head on a stick before month's end. You heard me. If Christianity wants me on their side all you have to do is murder Robertson in as brutal a fashion as possible, defile his corpse and bring me his head. Do this and I will be Christianity's bitch forevermore.

Until then, enjoy a nice big face full of me being right.

Oh, and since I'm showing videos, I consider Robertson and his ilk to be below the substance shown in the following video.

Be warned, it's one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. It's not porn, but it's probably not safe for work. You shouldn't watch it if you plan on eating anything today (or if you EVER want to eat cottage cheese again) and children should not watch it.

Actually nobody should watch it. I watched it and for some reason I feel compelled to keep watching it. As disgusting as it is though it has more social relevance than anything that has ever or will ever happen on the 700 Club.


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