“I couldn't live a week without a private library
- indeed, I'd part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor
before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Whistling In The Graveyard

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Welcome back to America's favorite blogging sensation:

JeremyMader: blah

Maverick: What's up?

JeremyMader: First let me preface this by saying i am drunk, and that i trust, sir that you will forgive any typographical or grammar errors that will ensue

JeremyMader: agreed?

Maverick: Not a problem.

JeremyMader: HOT SHIT

JeremyMader: I was at jp henrys when i realized Or ephipanized that i sympathated with al-quida

JeremyMader: for there i found that i was surrounded by twats

Maverick: Wanted to blow it up?

Maverick: I've wanted to blow that place up myself.

JeremyMader: not as a derogatory term for females but as the non-gender term for valueless assholes as i'm sure you comprehend

JeremyMader: many of them wore suits

JeremyMader: cocksuckers

JeremyMader: it was loud and i felt that the roar of the masses was truly everyone speaking but noone SAYING anything

JeremyMader: feel free to interject if i'm unclear

Maverick: Truly a microcosm of our culture.

JeremyMader: mmmm

JeremyMader: i'm glad you are online as i had this conversation in mind for a while

JeremyMader: i fantasized aabout someone slitting everyone's throat

JeremyMader: but i thought that only those who didn't appreciate Bubba Ho-tep should be put to the blade

JeremyMader: i was thinking of that film earlier in the day

Maverick: Great goddamn film.

JeremyMader: kind of as a litmus test of those folks who actually had a FUCKING SOUL

JeremyMader: GAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maverick: Heh.

JeremyMader: to separate human beings from the sshit clumps that just waste oxygen

JeremyMader: maybe i don't like crowds of people i don't know

JeremyMader: or maybe i'm ready to start a revolution

Maverick: The only person I know that didn't like Bubba Ho Tep was Curfman and I can tell you from experience he has no soul.

JeremyMader: bunch of fake-ass cocksuckers i was in the midst of

JeremyMader: i feel better for getting that off my chest

Maverick: Well glad I could help.

Maverick: You need to read some Hunter S. Thompson.

Maverick: You're channeling him right now.

JeremyMader: I know it's improper to judge people but just at first blush i was certain that everyone other than the people i was there with were utterly dispensable

JeremyMader: Bunch of CockSuckers

JeremyMader: Fuck em

JeremyMader: ya

Maverick: Well it WAS JP Henry's.

Maverick: So yes, we could probably do without all of them.

JeremyMader: Hel yes

JeremyMader: i knew you'd get where i'm coming from

JeremyMader: bunch of dipshits and silly cunts running around

Maverick: Dude, I only go there when I have no choice.

JeremyMader: assholes put on a tie and think they're hot shit

JeremyMader: fags

Maverick: Wanna get my swords and go square off with them in the parking lot?

JeremyMader: noone fucked with me or anything i just had this vibe that everyone there should die to uphold decency

JeremyMader: it was like a vision of what hell is like

JeremyMader: instead of outright suffering, just a bunch of silly pussies in ties

JeremyMader: lol

Maverick: Isn't that in the last book of Revelations?

JeremyMader: i'm sorry if it's bad form to lol to something i wrote

Maverick: "And lo there shalt be a cash bar, and there shall be twat's in silken neckties."

JeremyMader: i'm not sure but i'm petitioning to add it

JeremyMader: i have nothing against ties

Maverick: I do. I refuse to wear them.

JeremyMader: just that it was like, " What the fuck areyou trying to come off as?" I don't even know if that merited quotes

Maverick: Something about tying a noose around my own neck just seems odd to me.

JeremyMader: but i was thinking about bubba ho tep

JeremyMader: the characters struck a chord

JeremyMader: and these big budget blowjob cock suck fests can't garner a 10th of the emotion

JeremyMader: not that they care, of course, they're all too busy planning the next time they'll have a chance to show off their Prancy preciuous CCOKSUCKING NECKTIES]

JeremyMader: Fags

Maverick: God there's been some shitty movies come out lately too.

JeremyMader: cocksuckers

Maverick: Have you seen the ads for Bloodrayne? It looks like a made for TV movie.

JeremyMader: like jason vs freddy, a Quality film

JeremyMader: oh the blood rayne movie kenw it was coming out, don't remem,ber the ads

Maverick: Damn right. I was SO happy with Jason v/s Freddy because I was so worried it was gonna suck.

JeremyMader: jason vs frweddy was very good hope that didn't get lost in the crosschat

Maverick: Bloodrayne is directed by the guy that did 'House of the Dead' and 'Alone in the Dark'.

Maverick: They are doing Freddy v/s Jason 2.

JeremyMader: i thought it was a kick ass story. They could hhave half assed it soooooo bad but it was like they did the opposite of wearing a faggot necktie

JeremyMader: and like the kevin smith daredevil comic. a great story. and noone can get a good story out because they'rew obsessed with formulas and preconceived notiions and faggot neck-tie conventions

Maverick: Have you seen the directors cut of the Daredevil movie? It's actually a lot better than the theatrical version.

JeremyMader: we've been chatting for a half hour but it doesn't seem that long

Maverick: Well, you are experiencing what Dave Atell refers to as Time Travel.

Maverick: I just helped my brother's mother-in-law import her email list from one website to another and both sites were in Dutch.

Maverick: My brain still hurts.

JeremyMader: at that bar i would have liked to have some old man balls to take around and have people smell 'em! you know

JeremyMader: just to say "FUCK YOU" and walk away laughing

Maverick: I'm sure that anyone who frequents JP Henry's is quite familliar with the smell of wrinkly old nutsack.

JeremyMader: lol

JeremyMader: HA

JeremyMader: i knew you'd understrand

JeremyMader: fuck i'm glad you were online

Maverick: Well I'm online about 90% of the time I'm awake.

Maverick: My Mom decided my Grandma needed to get her hair done today.

JeremyMader: i empathized with al-quieda. i was like look at these silly vapid assholes. Kill em all and free up some jobs for decent hard lovin people

Maverick: And it follows that since I was the only person available to take her then I absolutely HAD to take her.

JeremyMader: neckties

Maverick: Now I don't mind helping Grandma do stuff, but I had to take her to the beauty parlor with no appointment and wait for her to get a perm.

JeremyMader: fags

Maverick: Anyways, I was there for like 3 hours today.

JeremyMader: grandma davis?

Maverick: So I wanna kill people too.

JeremyMader: ?

Maverick: Yeah.

Maverick: She kicks ass.

JeremyMader: miller high life?

Maverick: Yep.

Maverick: Just took her shopping yesterday. She bought a case.

JeremyMader: (America) FUCK YEAH!!! She;'s the polar opposite of the silly twats i was surrounded by earlier tonight

Maverick: When she was a kid they couldn't always trust the water so the kids drank beer.

JeremyMader: fucking a

Maverick: Nobody thought anything about it.

JeremyMader: that's what i'm talking about

Maverick: She started drinking whiskey at a young age too.

Maverick: But I think that has more to do with the fact that her side of the family ran bootleg liquor up the Ohio river.

JeremyMader: these cocksuckers i'm not talking silly in the fun sense but silly like when you get heartburn for no reason

JeremyMader: sound like people who actually experienced life and love

JeremyMader: not hiding behind some silly faggot necktie

Maverick: My Uncle Dan would shoot a man for presenting him with a necktie.

Maverick: Actually, I think he did once.

JeremyMader: well it was good to converse with you my friend

JeremyMader: i'm going to bed before i get to philosphical for my own good

Maverick: You hitting the sack?

JeremyMader: yeep

JeremyMader: have a good one my friend

Maverick: You too.

JeremyMader: feel free to save this conversation for blog fodder or sharing with others

JeremyMader: i am out

JeremyMader logged out.


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