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before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Whistling In The Graveyard

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Allright, I got the Police, Trash & Fire bill paid today.

The guy looked at me kinda funny when I paid the last 12 bucks in rolled pennies, but fuck him.

So now I've just got the cable bill left. It's only $55 so I might be able to swing it.

So enough of this depressing horseshit. Here's something going on nearby that I might try to scam my way into:

McAfee says movie crew expected to shoot scenes in Belpre



BELPRE - A movie company is expected to visit Belpre in the early spring to film scenes for a movie, according to Mayor Bill McAfee. McAfee has met with representatives of Bubble Films, which is interested in shooting some scenes for one of its upcoming movies in and around Belpre, and specifically at the Lee Middleton Original Dolls factory on Washington Boulevard, he said Friday after making an announcement Thursday at a meeting of the Belpre Area Chamber of Commerce.

Movie details can be followed here: Untitled Neil Jordan Thriller

McAfee said it is his understanding that a 12-member film crew is expected to be in Belpre in late March and early April filming for a high-definition film.

He said no information has been released about what, if any stars, might be featured in the movie or its plot, other than the involvement of the doll factory.

''I know some extras will be sought in the local area,'' he said.

Although such matters are often subject to change, McFee said he understood that the film company's plans to come and shoot in Belpre are ''pretty firm.''

''I understand they looked at three different doll factories around the country and liked how Lee Middleton was built and how it looked,'' he said.

Kristyn Wilson, public relations manager for Lee Middleton Dolls, said the doll company has been in contact with Bubble Films for over a month in discussions about the film and received a contract allowing the factory to be used in the filming on Wednesday.

Officials with Lee Middleton Dolls are in the process of reviewing the contract, script and other information before deciding whether to approve it, she said.

Wilson said the film won't be using the Lee Middleton Dolls name, but is expected to use some of the dolls and the factory itself. Little information has been released about the film, but Wilson said it is a murder mystery.

While the cast has not been released or set, Wilson said the director of the film will be Steven Soderbergh, known for films like ''Ocean's Eleven,'' ''Traffic'' and ''Erin Brockovich.'' Wilson said Soderbergh quietly visited Belpre over a week ago to view locations.

The timeline will depend on when the contract is finalized, but Wilson said the film company could be visiting Lee Middleton Dolls sometime in the spring if approval is given. The film is not scheduled for release in 2005, she said.

McAfee said Belpre was also featured in a two-hour historical documentary for PBS in Ohio, which was first broadcast in 2003. The film was called ''Opening the Door West'' and is the story of the Ohio Company of Associates, a group of Revolutionary War officers and soldiers. In 1788, they first opened the door for westward expansion of the new United States when they began the first legal, organized American settlement in the old Northwest Territory at Marietta.

Besides Marietta, the Ohio Company established two additional settlements in the second year. One of them was Belle Prairie, today's Belpre, situated in a lush river bottom where the best farmers lived. The fortified compound on the riverbank was known as ''Farmer's Castle.''

McAfee said scenes for the documentary were shot in Belpre and on Blennerhassett Island. In 2004, the documentary won a CINE Golden Eagle award, a Silver Telly award, a Crystal Award for Excellence from the Communicator Awards and a 2005 Finalist Award from the New York Festivals International Film and Video Awards.


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